Bad Marketing

Bad Marketing

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Received this email today. At first, I thought it was a junk email. You know, the kind that is mass emailed to a purchased list. Then I realized this was different. It was addressed to me. From a company that I know… have used as a supplier in the past. This wasn’t junk mail. This was careless and bad marketing. In fact, REALLY bad marketing. Let’s take a look:

  1. The assumed close. I dislike the assumed close. I’m more of the type to use the straight forward “ask for the business” close. They are clearly trying to confuse me, or bet on the reaction of “Did I forget a meeting?!?!” To get me to read their email.
  2. “California manufacturing” – I’m in Pennsylvania. Now I do work with companies that sell in California, but see #6. I’m not in California for a meeting. This comes from a company that says it uses data to target the right prospects for your business.
  3. Arrogance: “your business should be able to reach its goals”. That’s quite the grandiose statement. Don’t mind the business climate or other factors. You’d reach your goals if you hire us.
  4. Who wrote this? “with help from marketing” – What does that mean? Who or what is “marketing”?
  5. Clearly a lie. “based on your website” – They obviously didn’t look at our website, because if they did, they’d see we aren’t a manufacturer in California. They’d also see we are not a fit for their lead generation system or digital marketing plan. (I know this since, again, this is a company I know and have used on client projects.)
  6. I’m not in California and I surely do not want to share anything about the future of my business with someone who would send me such a poorly crafted email.

By the way, the links in the email are legit… this is not a junk email that says one thing and then sends you to a link that is a Romanian hosted website selling dubious health improvement products. This is a company that sells data, online marketing and has an online database/directory of OEMs and suppliers.

This is bad marketing. Be smarter. Think through your offers and message. Check your data. Don’t use the familiar in a solicitation email. Clearly state your value proposition, have a good conversion offer and be ready to follow up on their offer.

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