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LinkedIn Thought Leadership Ads

Expansion of the Thought Leadership Ad Program On Linkedin Linkedin ads are potentially effective for brands, particularly B2B brands, to

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Ai and Marketing, Part One

Artificial Intelligence is as hot a topic as you’ll find right now. Every industry is working to understand Ai, apply

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Message Drives Marketing

Consider this: you decide to plant a garden in your front yard for flowers. Also, a vegetable garden in the

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The Most Important Thing the Marketing Department Can Do

I am often asked a question similar to this: “What’s the most important thing for marketing to do for an

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One Page, One H1 Header – SEO Tips

Yoast, a search engine optimization (SEO) software we use on some of the websites we develop, helps assess and improve

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2024 Marketing Predictions

The end of a year and start of a new year means many things, but one is for certain: articles,

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Developing a First Party Data Strategy

A couple blogs ago we discussed the problem with personalization (spoiler alert: bad data). With the phase out of third-party

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What is a Brand?

When business owners or professionals are asked about their organization’s brand, they typically think of logos and graphics, or possibly

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The Problem with Personalization

There are many articles, videos, courses, and posts about the importance of personalization in marketing. Personalization is touted as being

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Too Busy to Market

One of the ever-present problems for smaller companies is capacity. When times are good and the company is busy it