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Too Busy to Market

One of the ever-present problems for smaller companies is capacity. When times are good and the company is busy it

Marketing Resources Needed: Money, Time, Expertise, Energy

A common question from companies interested in creating marketing plans or communications is, “How much will this cost?”. A common

Marketing Around the Steps to the Sale

Today’s one minute marketing tip is Organizing Your Marketing Around the Steps to the Sale. In a previous video and

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Steps to the Sale

Today’s one minute marketing topic is Steps to the Sale – mapping the sales process When talking with business owners

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Predictions for Marketing in the New Year

There is One Thing You Can Definitely Count On Just like every January: People make wild predictions. New things will

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Unique Selling Proposition:

Unique Selling Proposition: Uniquely You I once asked a customer who made a product that was a commodity item about

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The One Thing

I am often asked, “What’s the one thing I should be doing to market my business?” My response is that

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PR Tips for a Young (ANY) Marketer

Press Release Tips I recently had opportunity to work with a marketing student on a press release. He did a

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Real Help: One Minute Marketing Tip

Today’s One Minute Marketing topic is Real Help… a crisis communications tip When you are in a pandemic, or any

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Integrating Marketing & Sales

Hatfields and McCoys. Ohio State vs. Michigan. Democrat vs. Republican. All are famous feuds. How about this one: Marketing vs.