2024 Marketing Predictions

image of new year with text 2024 Let's GoThe end of a year and start of a new year means many things, but one is for certain: articles, videos, and reels with predictions.

2024 Marketing Predictions

At the bottom of this blog is a list of links to articles about 2024 marketing predictions. We reviewed them so you wouldn’t have to take the time. The goal – looking for things that were ubiquitous and therefore more likely to be accurate.

Frankly, lots of these articles are filled with leftovers… things that shoulda, woulda, coulda been big in 2023, but didn’t quite get there. Also, by looking for multiple sources of the same prediction, we reduce personal bias… if you were to read all these articles (please, don’t) you’d find many predictions are things the writer really likes or thinks should happen. Yeah, some predictions are data-based by primary research, but most of these are just observations by the writer.

So here are the most predicted marketing-related items of 2024 based on review of a (too big) set of prediction articles.

The Rise of AI

Number one on the chart is using AI to create content. There are also many warnings about this tactic in the prediction articles.

We call AI content creation “soulless”. Others are less theological about it but still critical. A good place to land is suggesting AI is used for creation but the human is still editing and approving (and improving) the content.

We’re more excited for AI’s role beyond content creation:

  • AI as search (also social as search) which may diminish the power of the search engine.
  • AI for data analysis especially predictive analysis that could open up opportunities to use data that currently aren’t available.
  • AI as store keeper – AI may grow to be able to constantly collect and watch customer activity and provide input for meaningful customer interactions.


Not surprisingly in a world of AI and AR (augmented reality AKA virtual experiences via technology), as well as paid influencers, there is a large set of consumers who want authenticity. Years of watching companies and brands posturing and jumping on trends and bandwagons has created doubt about the veracity of brands involvement in movements and culture. To be more authentic consider user-generated content (which differs greatly from paid influencer content) such as reviews and testimonials, and create more trust through reliable and relatable content that is to the point (on-brand) rather than using borrowed interest (in a cultural trend or cause).

Increased Personalization

This one has been predicted for years and years. The thinking goes: there is much more data available these days, which means there is more analysis conceivably, which can be applied to create more segmentation… all the way to one-on-one personalization. However the data is always the issue. Many (most?) companies struggle mightily with corralling and deploying their data strategically. Here’s hoping this one comes true as organizations take the time and resources to organize and utilize their data.

Video and Audio

I’ve been saying for years “nobody reads anymore” which is untrue if you’re reading this. There is more content being generated for video (and audio) consumption. This isn’t really a prediction but a continuing increase based on the reality of the age: everyone has a smartphone and the bandwidth to watch video or listen to audio. Often the nugget is content recasting into a new genre… this blog would make a great video for instance. Organizations that can repurpose other content into easy to consume, helpful, video and audio content will enjoy increased brand awareness and other marketing benefits.

2024 Success

Working with these three trends can help your organization to better marketing success. However, remember that the main things are still the main things: having a clear set of goals, a process-driven marketing organization, tracking… Simply put having a plan for your marketing is the best way to success in 2024 or any other year.


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