Marketing Strategy

Organize, Optimize and Operationalize Your Marketing

The O3 Three Step Marketing Strategy Process:
Organize, Optimize and Operationalize Your Marketing

Marketing consulting and coaching O3 Checklist to organize, optimize and operationalize your marketingOrganize

You can’t manage what you don’t know. We will audit and evaluate everything going on in your marketing, in-house and through external vendors. You’ll receive a clear report of where you are and where you want to go. We’ll walk through a planning process based on your sales and financial goals. We’ll develop budgets and action plans. Ready to roll…


Online and digital, traditional, PR, direct marketing… how do you get the most out of these tactics? We will help you get better results by working from an organized plan (see step 1), understanding your brand, your sales culture, your unique selling proposition and delivering the right message to your target market(s). We will help you manage your marketing or manage it for you and report to you like a VP of Marketing. Things are happening…


The problem most companies have – big and small – is making marketing a functioning department. Especially when that “department” is made up of dual-role staff (like you – you have another job but do some marketing and sales tasks) plus a handful of vendors who provide some piece of the marketing output. We will help you operationalize your marketing – not by adding staff in a department, but by building accountability and reporting that keeps you in control. We can take on the role of implementation and ongoing management or share it with you. Keep improving…

If you are a business owner who needs a trusted advisor to work with you to organize, optimize and operationalize your marketing, contact us to learn more. We’ll send you our O3 checklist to determine your needs and how we may be a fit. 

Marketing Strategy: Plan Matters. Process Matters. Action Matters.

At Genius Marketing, we believe in the value of having a marketing plan. But a plan without action is useless. If a plan simply sits on a shelf, remains “in your head,” or is scribbled on Post-It Notes, it will never deliver results. Ideas need real work behind them to turn them into results.

We partner with our clients to turn ideas into actionable, systematic, timeline-driven tasks. In a logical, step-by-step manner, we help you reach the finish line. But we don’t achieve this by acting like consultants. Instead, we work with you, functioning as an integral part of your team.

You Have Questions…

What is the best way to reach my customers and prospects? How much should I spend on marketing? Should I be using social media? If so, how? How important is mobile? What can I do to get more leads?

These are questions that many business owners and management teams struggle to answer. We can help:

  • Assess and map your current sales process
  • Determine the amount and type of marketing to best reach your targets
  • Develop an ongoing process to consistently attract suspects to become prospects and prospects to become customers
  • We aren’t all about the creative… we have great ideas, but we start with where you are and build from there… based on your goals, budget and resources. We can provide a series of short work sessions or an ongoing relationship to help you implement and manage your sales plan.

Contact us to learn more.