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Four Reasons to Conduct a Marketing SWOT

Today’s One Minute Marketing Minute: Four Reasons to Conduct a Marketing SWOT Here are four reasons to conduct a Marketing SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats analysis) right now with our Marketing Coach service. Reason 1: Reset Your 2020 Plan –

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Today’s one minute marketing topic is Marketing SWOT SWOT – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. It’s an old school way to quickly inform a planning process. Marketing SWOT targets your marketing to uncover gaps and ways to optimize your marketing.  When considering

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Marketing Around the Steps to the Sale

Today’s one minute marketing tip is Organizing Your Marketing Around the Steps to the Sale. In a previous video and blog we presented the need to map the steps to the sale. Our example steps are: Offer Lead Generation Follow

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Steps to the Sale

Today’s one minute marketing topic is Steps to the Sale – mapping the sales process When talking with business owners about their sales process, I’ll ask for a list of steps that prospects move through, ending with closing the sale.

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Second Half Recovery Act

Today’s one minute marketing topic is Second Half Recovery Act – creating a recovery marketing plan That’s not a new government program, it’s your own plan for rebuilding business in the second half of 2020. We added the word “act”

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Content Calendar

Our marketing consulting revolves around the content calendar (and other planning and marketing management tools). If you follow me on Twitter, read the Genius! Marketing blog regularly, or purchased the Genius! Marketing book, you know that starting with tactics is

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How to Budget for Marketing

A common question from companies interested in creating marketing plans or communications is, “How much will this cost?”. A common question from designers, agencies, web firms, printers and other providers is, “Do you have a marketing budget?”. The reasons are

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Your Salesforce isn’t Marketing Research

Don’t Trust Your Salesforce: That’s not Marketing Research For small companies the idea of conducting marketing research is laughable. They barely have the resources to market at all! Still, owners and managers want to understand the market and customers. Conducting

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Genius! Marketing: The Book!

Genius! Marketing How to Brand, Target and Market Like a Genius! by Stephen L. Eckert Do You Want to Be a Marketing Genius? Have a great marketing idea? What if instead, you had a great marketing process? Developing a marketing

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Google Adding More Marketing Tools

You may have heard that Google Adwords is becoming Google Ads. Not ground shaking right? More than a rebrand, it looks like the next step in Google’s online marketing platform. In addition to the rebrand, Google is improving integration between Ads

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