Real Help: One Minute Marketing Tip

Today’s One Minute Marketing topic is Real Help… a crisis communications tip

When you are in a pandemic, or any other crisis, there are natural reactions. Even marketers and brands have them:

  • Shock… we’re shocked by a situation that is affecting people’s lives and future
  • Empathy… people feel for other people and want to express that
  • Help… people want to help

Sending Well Wishes

All of us are receiving emails from companies and brands with which we may or may not feel connected. Many of them simply say they are fine, hope you’re fine and we’ll talk soon. That isn’t a great communication. In fact, it’s a waste of time.

So, do you send your well wishes as a brand? What do you include in your communications

Here are some one minute tips for communications in a crisis.

Rule 1: Don’t communicate unless you have news.

Keep communications short and focus on real news. Wishing others well is fine, but don’t waste their time, give them something of value.

Rule 2: Don’t assume your solution is THE solution.

Clearly explain what you can do for the reader/listener, but don’t sound like you’re the only answer.

Rule 3: Provide real help.

Offer something that really helps. Lower a price, make the terms better, speed delivery. Put yourself in the buyer’s mind. What do they really need and how can your brand meet that need?

Even if number 2 is true (you’re aren’t the answer), a serious message with serious help will be more appreciated than one more self-centered brand’s feelings about the crisis.

It’s a serious time. Make your communications count. Only news and real help.

Real Help for Your Marketing

If you would like to discuss your crisis communications, we would love to help. In fact, you can send us a question and we’ll provide our best advice – no cost, no obligation.

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