Make it easy: One Minute Marketing Tip

Today’s One Minute Marketing topic is Make it easy… a crisis communications tip

At any time your brand needs to make it easy to buy. Or connect, engage, respond. Whatever it is you are trying to accomplish with your marketing. 

In a crisis, this is even more important. People are distracted, pre-occupied. Your communications need to be direct, easy to understand and have a call to action that is easy to do. You are asking people to take their time and effort to engage with you. So make it easy. Especially in a time when people have so many serious things on their mind. 

One Step Action

What you want to avoid is a second step: if you provide a click, the link better be to the exact information or offer you promised. No scrolling, no looking for a clue… it has to be there.

If you’re providing a phone number, it better answer or have a message that pays off the offer. No “leave a message in the general mailbox” or “our system has changed please listen carefully…”. Live or on voicemail, a phone number should answer “If you’re calling about our XYZ offer, you’ve called the right place…” and then go on from there with providing the information about the offer. 

Immediate Action

People need immediate direct action or they are moving on. Provide an easy one step process to make sure people feel connected and are confident you know what they want or need. 

No matter how compelling you think your product or service is, it’s not worth five clicks or trying to navigate an endless phone tree. Connect your prospect immediately to what they want. Every time. And especially in a crisis. 

If you would like to discuss your crisis communications, we would love to help. In fact, you can send us a question and we’ll provide our best advice – no cost, no obligation.

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