Get Creative: One Minute Marketing Tip

Today’s One Minute Marketing topic is Get Creative… a crisis communications tip

You have to love the creativity of people. Whether the latest work from home memes or figuring out a way to hold a 100 year old’s birthday party while social distancing, creativity makes us laugh, feel connected, and more.

Can You Be Creative?

How creative is your company? Not talking about funny memes, but rather what can your brand do to develop a creative solution or experience for customers and consumers during this crisis?

A Roadblock to Creativity

Here’s one big roadblock for creativity: inward focus. If you are focused on your own problems and issues, it is difficult to be creative about customer solutions.

What Does the Target Customer Need?

This is a great time to go back to what should be a part of every marketing plan: the target customer. Some call it personas – meaning a description (and often image or photo) of a “typical customer”.

Review the attributes of your target customer. What are they feeling? What are they dealing with? What do they need? What do they wish they had?

As you do this, ideas will start to come… you may begin to see connection points between your offering and the particular needs of customers in the current environment. Perhaps it is different delivery schedule, extended terms or unpacking the full offering into a piece that is most needed now. Maybe it is contacting your customer differently to make them aware of the new ideas.

Ask for Help

If you are struggling to come up with ideas, have a group chat with staff. Or ask your best customers for what they need and ideas about how your organization could help.

In a crisis you can’t give away the store, but some creative ideas can help you deliver for your customers in ways you normally wouldn’t or couldn’t.

Now is the time to get creative – get your team together, or ask your customers. See where you can provide value in a time of need.

Get Creative with Your Marketing

If you would like to discuss your crisis communications, we would love to help. In fact, you can send us a question and we’ll provide our best advice – no cost, no obligation.

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