Display Network Advertising

Today’s one minute marketing tip is about Digital Advertising and display network advertising. 

I was asked recently about online display network advertising. That’s having ads with graphics and text that are clickable to a website or landing page with an offer or more information. They appear on websites, social media, and in apps.

An Integrated Digital Plan with Display Network Advertising

Display network advertising is only one of multiple digital strategies that are effective when integrated and correctly applied to meet the advertiser’s sales and financial goals. We’ll go over a few of the digital tools here, there are others… schedule a call to discuss your situation.

Using display network advertising alone is like saying about traditional advertising: “I only use ads on one radio station”. It can be effective to a point but it is not an integrated advertising plan. 

Other Digital Tactics to Integrate

A few of the other digital tactics that work in tandem with display are Pay Per Click or PPC ads (what are typically thought of as Google search results ads), re-targeting or re-marketing ads (which are typically thought of as those annoying ads that follow you around after you visit a website), Over the Top or OTT video (which is advertising through streaming services that target both cable subscribers that are using streaming devices and cordcutters with ads during video and movie content), and On-site Search Engine Optimization (which – among other things – is consistently posting relevant content, video and more to your website to move higher in Google organic search results). And there are other digital tactics as well. 

Define a Goal, Budget, Message and Call to Action… a Plan!

The key to advertising success in any media is having a plan which includes a defined goal, a budget, a good message, and a clear call-to-action. 

The key to advertising in the digital display space is applying the above plus having a fast fulfillment of the call-to-action once the prospect clicks the ad. The website must fulfill their interest immediately. So whether it is display network advertising or another tactic, build a solid and easy offer or step to the sale. 

Learn the Ropes or Get Help to Manage Digital

It can be difficult to manage digital because of the constantly changing landscape online, but there are many resources to provide help including consultants like Genius Marketing or simply online support from providers like Google. 

Schedule a time to discuss your online strategy. It’s a free consultation to help you optimize your marketing. Watch more video on YouTube.

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