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Three Things You Can Learn from the Super Bowl Commercials

Applying Good Principles (or avoiding mistakes) in your Marketing The Super Bowl commercials are often as big, or bigger than the game itself. Everybody rates them, whether formally as on USAToday Ad Meter, or informally at SB Parties… “I like

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Applying Marketing Principles from Super Bowl Ads – Principle 2

Principle 2: Don’t let the creative idea steal from the point of the ad. Too often creative is done for creative’s sake. The creative angle is so sweet that it becomes the focus of the spot, rather than the actual

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Applying Marketing Principles from Super Bowl Ads – Principle 1

Principle 1: Don’t let what you can do with technology drive the creative. Use technology to support the creative message. Example: Puppy/Monkey/Baby – Mountain Dew Kickstart This ad features a CGI created creature which is a combination of a puppy,

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What Value Do You Offer?

I just deleted an app. I know, not earth-shaking news. It happens all the time…in fact, some studies show that most apps are never used again only 30 days after download and first use. Other studies show only half of

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Online Marketing in 5 Steps

internet marketing

I get a lot of questions about websites, Google ads, social media and other online marketing tools. That’s because people know that the web is now the center of the marketing universe. So what does your organization need to do

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Not Mobile? Say Goodbye to Google

For years you’ve heard folks like me say that mobile is critical for many reasons: studies say more than 50% of internet access is via mobile device some 30%+ only access the web via mobile (no computer – only tablet

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Mix it Up!

I read a study that analyzed social media comments (in particular, tweets) about advertisements. While one intuitively knows that the data will be cranky (what other purpose is there for social media than complaining?!?), it is instructive when considering the

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More Mobile!

Like the old SNL skit heralding the need for more cowbell (just saw this again on the SNL 40 app – more about that later), there is now as passionate a cry for “More Mobile!”. Here’s why: more than half

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3-D Marketing

While the best strategy comes from a well thought-through plan, I often am asked about tactics. In other words: “We’re going to a show next week, I need a display.”  OR  “We need a brochure for our sales folks to

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The Disney Marketing Machine

This letter is in response to Maryling Yu’s (@Call_Me_Mare) article on Dear Concerned Parent, It’s your future writing and everything is fine. I, too, am a marketer by trade, and I, too, was anti-Disney Marketing Machine (DMM). I was you