Using PR and News Releases to Build Awareness and Web Traffic

what is news

That sounds like a fun title to an article. Here’s why it’s worth a look: I often get questions like: “What is news?”

PR, public relations, or commonly known as news releases, are a great way to build awareness in the market, and on the web. It is one of the strategies I use often as part of a marketing communications plan. There are a couple of reasons why. First, it is a great way to build content for a website or other marketing communications. Second, it is a great way to drive web traffic and organic search engine optimization (SEO) when news releases are distributed online.

It is a simple process. We develop a plan for gathering news within an organization. Every company makes news, however, it is often overlooked as a communications opportunity. Even though news may seem like something that just happens (“Breaking News” screams the animation graphic on the TV news channel), it can be planned. When something comes up that isn’t in the plan, we adjust the plan. It’s that simple.

As we go through the planning process, we build a set of stories to promote over a half or full year… how far out the plan goes depends on the company and industry. Then responsibility is given to whom will research the story and provide us with the information to write a release or feature article brief. There is a style to writing news stories that helps them get noticed and placed.

During this process it is common to get the question: “What is news?” Here’s a short list (contact me to discuss more news possibilities) of items worth considering for a release:

  • HR – new hires, promotions, internal awards
  • Product development – new products, services, updates, service packs
  • Sales – new contracts, successful completion of project
  • Marketing – event sponsorship, speaking engagements
  • External – awards, association participation or leadership, community or charitable involvement

And many more…

Once the process gets started, it becomes part of the culture. News items start to be submitted rather than being collected. It’s not boasting, but it is letting stakeholders (employees, stockholders, customers, prospects, the public) know that your company is vital, engaged and important to the people it serves.

So, what’s your company’s news? Let us build a plan with you to promote all the unique and good things your organization does.

Want to get started? Have any questions about PR/news release distribution? Contact us.

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