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Too Busy to Market

One of the ever-present problems for smaller companies is capacity. When times are good and the company is busy it

Integrating Marketing & Sales

Hatfields and McCoys. Ohio State vs. Michigan. Democrat vs. Republican. All are famous feuds. How about this one: Marketing vs.

Build A Brand, Don’t Create

I often see or hear marketers write or talk about ‘creating a brand’. I prefer ‘building a brand’. Just semantics?

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A Picture’s Worth

……. You know the rest. Working with clients on PR, social media and web content, I find I talk quite

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Using PR and News Releases to Build Awareness and Web Traffic

That sounds like a fun title to an article. Here’s why it’s worth a look: I often get questions like:

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Try Some Stuff

I love soccer. The other night I was watching a game and the goalie (I played goalie) bollocks-ed a save.

Responsive Design

What is Responsive Design? Why does it matter? Responsive Design is a term used to describe the programming of website