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A Picture’s Worth

……. You know the rest. Working with clients on PR, social media and web content, I find I talk quite a bit about photos and video. It usually goes something like this: Client: “We’re going out to the construction site

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Using PR and News Releases to Build Awareness and Web Traffic

That sounds like a fun title to an article. Here’s why it’s worth a look: I often get questions like: “What is news?” PR, public relations, or commonly known as news releases, are a great way to build awareness in

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Too Busy to Market

One of the ever present problems for smaller companies is capacity. When times are good and the company is busy it is “all hands on deck!” to get the work done. When times are slower, there is more time to

Build A Brand, Don’t Create

I often see or hear marketers write or talk about ‘creating a brand’. I prefer ‘building a brand’. Just semantics? Not really… What is a Brand? The brand for most businesses is the essence of the company and how it

Check Out Holiday Survival Tips

Patty Kreamer, author of “But I Might Need It Someday!” is offering holiday survival tips on Wednesday, November 20. Learn more here.

Try Some Stuff

I love soccer. The other night I was watching a game and the goalie (I played goalie) bollocks-ed a save. Real howler (that’s english football lingo)… bad goal and he was looking like it. Really unsteady. And everyone on his

Responsive Design

What is Responsive Design? Why does it matter? Responsive Design is a term used to describe the programming of website pages in a gridded layout that “reshuffles” and resizes depending on the browser/device size. Meaning: your website has one set

Integrating Marketing & Sales

Hatfields and McCoys. Ohio State vs. Michigan. Democrat vs. Republican. All are famous feuds. How about this one: Marketing vs. Sales. It dates back as far as business itself. From the dawn of business time, there has always been the