Marketing Tip: Winning Presentations

Listen to the Experts (But Make Your Own Choices)

Read an interesting article on entitled 7 Presentation Ideas That Work for Any Topic. It contains seven tips for better presentations. The key one is No. 1: build the story first. The story is the thing. I had a college professor back in the day who told me “Successful communication is having the thoughts you have on a subject be transmitted in a way that results in the other person (or audience) thinking the same thoughts.” That’s a high bar. But a good goal.

The key to better presentations is building the story that is compelling as the Inc. article describes as well as gets your message points (especially the ideas that really matter) into the minds of the audience.

Bullets are Okay… But Limit them and the Concepts they Represent

While I disagree with the article on “Eliminate bullet points entirely.”, I do agree that less is more for better presentations… but not just in the words on the slide (use fewer words) but also in concepts communicated. Make it simple. Idea one, two, three… and that’s it.

Then repeat. Because nobody gets it all the first time. Change it up, reapply, describe it differently… but make sure you go over your main points more than once.

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I commend the article and suggest you read it for more ideas on better presentations!

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