Connection Matters

Bethany Hospice


Hospice is a difficult subject. Bethany Hospice provides excellent and loving care. How to respectfully communicate hospice and pallative care is a challenge. The primary referrers of hospice care are doctors, but others influence the decision – family, faith and life counselors, friends and relatives. In addition, hospice is often misunderstood. How to connect with people at this difficult time in their, and their loved ones, lives?


Messaging, Marketing Planning, Plan Implementation, Website, Web Video

Bethany Hospice is made up of knowledgeable and caring staff. They are experts who know the depth of the connection that is made with a person facing end-of-life decisions. We decided that we wanted family members, friends and advisors to connect with Bethany’s caregivers as well. We developed with Bethany key messages for family members considering hospice – some educational, some specific to myths about hospice. To create a connection, we created videos featuring Bethany staff. Through the videos, people could better connect with Bethany.

Messaging, Marketing Planning, Plan Implementation, Website, Web Video

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Making a connection with a prospective customer is critical no matter the product, service or charitable effort. We can help engage and inform your target audience.  Contact us and we can chat about your company and show you samples of our work.

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