Brand Matters

Mars National Bank


Mars National Bank is a community-focused, publicly-traded bank with deep roots in its service footprint. Founded in 1900, the Bank is being remade into a 21st century community bank. However, the marketing did not reflect the evolving brand. Additionally, no integrated plan was in place.


Marketing Planning, Creative and Art Direction, Branding, Graphics upgrade and Style Guide, Plan Implementation, Website, Advertising, Web Video, PR, Annual Report

Genius Marketing worked with Bank management at a tactical level to develop needed promotional and advertising items. Once the goals and strategic plan for the Bank were understood, we began building with Bank management an integrated marketing plan from which all aspects of marketing communications are managed.

The plan now integrates the retail and commercial areas of the Bank. Responses are up, the Bank receives more coverage in the media, and the next steps in the plan will continue to expand the Bank’s reach and penetration in its market.

The brand experience of customers is now reflected well in the messaging, tagline and visuals used in the marketing communications.

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