Strategy Matters

The Reschini Group


The Reschini Group is a premier property/casualty and employee benefits broker. They are also risk experts who help their clients understand the risks their organization’s face and how to minimize or mitigate these risks. Historically a direct selling organization, marketing was not used extensively as an integrated part of the sales process.


Value Proposition, Marketing/Sales Process, Advertising, Event Marketing, PR, Website

With the level of expertise in the organization, Genius Marketing helped develop an event marketing strategy which included PR and event promotion, as well as capturing the events (live and web events) to video for use on This “expert marketing” strategy showcased the breadth and depth of the organization’s expertise, permitted cross-selling to customers and a great introduction to the organization for prospects. Events also create multiple communications touch points with prospects and customers.

Genius Marketing also facilitated a value proposition process – used to uncover and codify the reasons customers choose Reschini. This feeds the sales and marketing communications with the real value that Reschini brings…and can be used to engage prospects.

The marketing plan included many other tactics, all focused on showing the expertise and consultative nature of The Reschini Group. None more so than The Reschini App, which features information about regulation, compliance, risk and other issues.

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