Communication Matters



Sometimes you are in the education business…no matter the actual product or service you’re selling. Such is the case with Scopewell, a home improvement estimating and brokerage service. The concept is unique, but prospects always try to understand new concepts in a context of comparison with something previously know. (i.e. An iPod? Yeah, it’s like a Walkman but with the music built in… no CD needed.)


Marketing Launch Plan, Name Consultation, Logo and Graphic Design, PR, Website Development, Messaging

Genius Marketing advised Scopewell on all aspects of marketing communication from name to logo development to website and messaging. By clearly communicating the key concepts of Scopewell, cycle time could be shortened. By focusing on education and positioning in communications, Scopewell can define its marketplace.

A Solution for Your Situation?

Clear communication is critical in marketing. Messages and visuals that carry the unique selling proposition can be tricky. Contact us and we can chat about your company and show you samples of our work.

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