Month: March 2015

Mix it Up!

I read a study that analyzed social media comments (in particular, tweets) about advertisements. While one intuitively knows that the data will be cranky (what other purpose is there for social media than complaining?!?), it is instructive when considering the

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More Mobile!

Like the old SNL skit heralding the need for more cowbell (just saw this again on the SNL 40 app – more about that later), there is now as passionate a cry for “More Mobile!”. Here’s why: more than half

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Message Drives Marketing

Consider this: you decide to plant a garden in your front yard for flowers. Also, a vegetable garden in the back yard. And maybe a window garden of herbs. Great plan! Those gardens are going to be beautiful and productive.

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3-D Marketing

While the best strategy comes from a well thought-through plan, I often am asked about tactics. In other words: “We’re going to a show next week, I need a display.”  OR  “We need a brochure for our sales folks to

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