Virtual VP of Marketing: Manage Marketing

Most small companies struggle to manage marketing. A CEO, owner or sales executive may oversee marketing. They’ll come up with ideas and might have someone in-house to execute the idea. However, their “other” job… running the company or managing the salesforce… often leaves them with no time or energy to manage marketing.

Other companies do quite a bit of marketing, but it is not managed. There is no coordination between what operating units are communicating or tactics they’re running. This may lead to stop-start efforts and communications that don’t work well together, even seeming to come from different companies.

These are a couple of scenarios that are typical for the companies we serve. In fact, that’s why we started the Virtual VP of Marketing to help manage marketing. For companies who don’t need, or can’t fund, a full time employee (FTE) to run their marketing effort. We provide both the strategic marketing planning and the ongoing implementation management.

Best of all, the program works because we provide the resource you need while working with your current team of internal and external resources. Yes, we have all the production, PR, creative and programming talent a project may need, but our first goal is to determine what your team has and needs. We won’t dictate who works on your projects.

Our engagements usually begin with a single project. A CEO, owner or manager says, “We need a (fill in a marketing tactic).” We will help get that done and start discussing the overall goals – sales and financial – for the company. We can then help revitalize, or develop, a marketing strategy. The result is a marketing process that gets things done.

  • Simple Marketing Plan – if it isn’t simple, it isn’t getting done. We can always add more as we build the processes.
  • Marketing Team – a way to organize internal and external resources to create an effective process.
  • Marketing Schedule – a must have… it explains when things are happening and how they will happen.

And more tools to successfully manage marketing.

Over time we build the processes that can be managed internally or we can continue to help out if needed. Often that means a bit of accountability to make sure the new processes keep working!

Contact us to discuss your situation. We’ll share some case studies and discuss what your biggest marketing need.