Mars Bank Samples of Work

Project List

Image of Mars Bank Eckert Project List

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#BankLocal and “You Don’t Need a Rocket to Get to Mars”

Two dynamic campaigns to promote Mars Bank, a community bank. The #BankLocal focused on the people of the community – customers, staff, and local organizations and played on the consumer trend to buy local and the importance, now more than ever, of personal relationships. Campaign included traditional and digital advertising, online, mobile, and social content posting.

image of woman at farmers market with headline "You Want Your Food Locally Sourced, Why Not Your Banking?

With the cultural relevance of the planet Mars and the plans of governments and industry to reach the red planet, the eye-catching adage “You Don’t Need a Rocket to Get to Mars” drew attention to the bank and its quirky hometown while introducing and re-emplasizing the technology available to Mars Bank customers. Online, mobile (including mobile deposit), and online loan and deposit account opening improved by 15 – 25% over the campaign.

image of rocket blasting off and headline in text "You Don't Need a Rocket to Get to Mars. You just need our app. Mars Bank"

Financial Literacy Program

Image of financial literacy book Ares and Her Money

As part of the bank’s financial literacy initiative, an elementary school level book and presentation was created (design and content plus publishing) for use online and in school and library programs. Ares and Her Money was distributed and presented to hundreds of children along with age-appropriate financial literacy games.

Sales Support

Customer Personas

Personas were created to better describe the ideal target customer. First-party data was used to organize initial target types with third-party demographic and psychographic data added to create richer descriptions. The personas were then used to identify target lists for marketing and sales outreach. The personification of the data provides a simple way for staff to understand and recognize the ideal target customer.

Personas Example

Calling Cards with Perforated Business Card

Mars Bank Calling CardA unique calling card for each sales staff member permitted the card to fit a #10 envelope, included in an estimate package, clipped to sales literature sent via mail, and be used for as a standalone leave behind.