Genius! Marketing Book

Genius! Marketing How to Brand, Target and Market like a Genius! Stephen L. EckertBecome a Genius! Marketer

Use this book to develop a system for marketing in your company. Stop chasing ideas and learn to market with success.

Genius! Marketing Book

The new Genius! Marketing book is available in print and download. The book walks through the marketing process with you to help your organization become Genius! Marketers. You’ll learn:

  • To create marketing that drives sales
  • How sales are made
  • The organizational brand
  • Determining budgets – for money plus energy, skills and time
  • Plan a content and tactic calendar
  • And more…

Plus, you’ll learn what to do with all those great marketing ideas you (and others) have for your business.

Genius! Marketing is based on a system that has helped companies successfully market their products and services for over 20 years. This field-tested process will change the way you think about, and more importantly, how you plan and execute marketing. Genius! Marketing is for anyone who is ready to get off the marketing merry-go-round of chasing ideas and the latest marketing trends and develop an effective marketing system.

This book will show you how to develop marketing processes that will drive sales. Contact us to learn more. Available at amazon

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