Marketing Strategy

Have a plan? Successfully executing it? We can help.

Our planning and implementation system will move you from chasing ad deadlines and trade show schedules to running a consistent, integrated marketing and sales support plan. We won’t desert you when the plan is done. We will get to know your organization, how you really make sales, develop a plan with you…and then make it work by managing implementation. Learn more…

Virtual VP of Marketing

Many companies don’t need or can’t afford a full-time executive level marketing expert. A Virtual VP of Marketing may be the answer. More than a consultant or an agency relationship, we will serve like a senior manager would – auditing the situation, developing a plan, and managing internal and external resources. Could be an interim situation which transitions responsibilities to a new hire or existing staff. Or we can have an ongoing engagement to manage marketing at far less than the cost of a FTE. Learn More…

Tools & Tactics

Is your message reaching your target audience? It’s not just how it gets delivered, but it’s also what you say and how often. We help you choose wisely, deliver your message effectively, and look good doing it.  But it’s more than good looks. It’s creativity that is built to deliver results. Learn more…

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Directory Capture for SEO

Linkedin Company Pages and Sales Networking

Video Marketing for Professionals


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