VIP: Video for Independent Professionals

Your Brand… On Video

Independent professionals sell themselves. Your experience, expertise, style… it all is part of how you do your work and why people “buy” you. You are your own brand. That’s true of all kinds of professionals: financial planners, CPAs, attorneys, sales professionals, coaches, consultants… and more.

Selling Yourself

Many professionals say, “If I can get in front of a prospect, they understand what I can do, they trust me, and become a client.” However, it is difficult to personally “get in front” of prospects. Let our VIP video put you in front of an unlimited number of prospects!

VIP Video Specs

VIP video is a short (2 – 4 minutes) video focused on one professional… you! You can tell your story, explain your focus, or philosophy of practice. In short, you can set yourself apart from the competition and introduce yourself to your prospective clients personally. Each professional in a firm can have a common, branded format, yet present their own style as they answer questions about the practice.

Short Production; Versatile Product

The best part is the video is shot in just a couple hours and can be quickly ready for use on your website, on social media like Facebook and Linkedin, or via email. Quick, cost-efficient, but professional; get your VIP video started today. Click here for an example of a VIP video and contact us to set up your personal video story.

VIP VIdeo Marketing