Google Adding More Marketing Tools

Google Marketing Platform Display and Video 360 Search Ads 360 Analytics 360 Data Studio Optimize 360 Surveys 360 Tag Manager 360 You may have heard that Google Adwords is becoming Google Ads. Not ground shaking right? More than a rebrand, it looks like the next step in Google’s online marketing platform. In addition to the rebrand, Google is improving integration between Ads and Analytics, so advertisers can better understand the impact of ads on their web traffic and visitor’s behaviors on websites.

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Google is also combining Doubleclick for Publishers and Doubleclick Ad Exchange into one platform: Google Ad Manager. The plan is to help content producers have more control over their sites and ad streams.

Google is also rolling in other marketing products – video ads and display ads – to round out the offering.

My hope is it will be easier for organizations to understand and manage the various products. Suffice to say, Google’s hope is that you will buy more ads.

Here are a couple articles for further reading on the subject:

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