Applying Marketing Principles from Super Bowl Ads – Bonus Tip!

Bonus tip: Tie Your Creative into a Campaign.

Example: Snickers William Dafoe/Marilyn Monroe

Often Super Bowl ads kick off new creative campaigns that are carried to other media. That’s fine. It is truly a waste when a big splashy ad is run once on the Super Bowl. The Marilyn Snickers ad built on a well integrated and long running campaign for Snickers. The viewer certainly was intrigued with the opening: William Dafoe in a dress that obviously was the classic Monroe pose. Then immediate recognition when Dafoe is told to eat a Snickers.

Too often Super Bowl ads try to do too much creatively, technologically or otherwise. The reality is that good creative, deft use of digital technology, a fun story, or even leaning on a tried and true formula can make a memorable ad that make the viewer want to act. To create not just a funny ad, but an effective ad.

That’s the whole point of marketing… to explain a product or service well so that people want to buy.

Let me know what you think the best (or most effective) ad was. If you’re interested in learning how to make your marketing effective, let’s talk.


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